Texknowlogy℠ Textile Online Service

Helping You Succeed.

We supply the world's most innovative healthcare textile products and help our customers use them in the most efficient way.

For over forty years, Standard Textile's dedicated team of textile, laundry, and clinical experts work together to analyze every aspect of your laundry/linen operation and recommend process improvements that significantly reduce your total linen system costs–all while maintaining the highest level of patient care and cost accountability.

We provide much more than the hardware and software. We provide the experts who guide you through the process.

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Our state-of-the-art linen management tools include:

ControlTex® TMS®
A sophisticated Web-based software application you can use to monitor and manage linen usage, inventory, distribution, and associated costs.

ControlTex® LBS®
The business management software for laundry systems automates tasks to maximize your operational efficiency.

PrePak® Surgical System
A surgical pack, drape and gown system made with our revolutionary, reusable, ComPel® fabrics. Customized to your facility to improve quality, lower costs, and reduce medical waste.